The problems with our political system are structural.

Politics is a business. And the primary purpose of this “business” is to re-elect incumbents and to protect the two national parties. This business operates by a set of rules. These rules can be changed, and the process is well underway. We offer you three ways to add momentum to these structural shifts.

These problems do have solutions.


Limited Competition

A two-party monopoly pretends to compete on solving important national problems when, in reality, the real focus is on blame, negativity and unworkable ideas.

Few Voters Matter 

There are four layers of rules that severely limits “who matters” to politicians and the major political parties.

Money Dominant

A system that permits big money to play a dominant role in elections and in governance.


Open Competition

Competition is opened up within the DNC and RNC. And independents compete on a level playing field.

Every Vote Matters

All voters can have a meaningful impact on selecting and electing candidates and holding them accountable for results.

Proper Role for Money

Big money, while still important, is more transparent and less linked to lobbying and jobs.

The structural shifts in our political system are well underway.

Here are 3 ways you can add momentum.

Increase Your
Political IQ

Fund a Non-Profit Portfolio

Help Us 
Market Better

About Us

Change the Rules was founded in 2018 and is managed by Tom Curren. We’re business people who take a strategic view to solve complex business problems. At Change the Rules, we manage this complexity on your behalf.

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