We all know that politics matter. We know that things are getting worse. And while it’s natural to be cynical, discouraged and disengaged, we think that there are grounds for cautious optimism. It’s natural to focus on electing the best candidates in 2018 and 2020. However, if we are going to have an American political system that we can hold accountable for genuine solutions, we also need to play the longer game. It’s time to change the rules.

The Structure of the American Political System Today

Many citizens are beginning to pay attention to the structure of the U.S. political system. They’re paying attention because our elections should not be a vote on the lessor of two evils. Those who are already in office should be required to deliver on their campaign promises. We should be served by incumbents that produce results – or are thrown out of office.

The good news? We are making progress on a number of fronts to “change the rules” that impact the structure of our political process. This progress paves the way so that different behaviors are required to succeed in the American political system today.

These changes aren’t flashy. There is no single silver bullet. Nor is there a single charismatic leader who can “drain the swamp.” However, a multitude of complementary efforts at the state and national level can succeed in changing the system.

Empowering Voters to Address Our Structural Problems

And that’s why we created Change the Rules. We are a non-partisan, non-profit that channels contributions to implement strategies that change the rules of our political process. We provide citizens with a tangible way achieve fundamental change by being objective and “strategic.” Our approach works. It works because we make it simple to address multiple structural problems with “one click.” 

Want to learn how you can help change the rules? Make a single donation to fund our portfolio of reform efforts. Every week, 100 percent of these funds are passed through to selected non-profits dedicated to structural reform of the U.S political system. Because changing the rules changes everything.

Donate today.


Author: Tom Curren, Founder and Manager of Change the Rules


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