Big Money Plays a Dominant Role in Elections & Governance

Pollsters, strategists, fundraisers, consultants, media experts, direct mail services, digital services and many other professions have a huge financial stake in the system.

Super PACs & Dark Money in Politics

Since the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, the role of “outside money” in the form of Super PACs has grown dramatically. Common practice permits Super PACs to channel unlimited amounts of money through anonymous sources into the political debate. The anonymity of this “dark money” encourages more negative messaging.

The Role of Lobbying & the Revolving Door

Big money does more than finance elections. It also funds an industry of lobbyists seeking special treatments from the legislative processes. For example, one reason healthcare reform is so difficult is the need to navigate the political pressures generated by healthcare lobbying expenditures – $560 million last year alone. Money also pays a role in well-paying – revolving door – jobs for elected officials and staff when they leave government service that blur the lines between the public and private sectors.

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