Our Current Non-Profit Portfolio

Change the Rules, Inc. is a nonprofit that impartially vets the non-partisan grassroots activism that is making the biggest difference in structural reform of the U.S political system.  We maintain a portfolio of complementary initiatives for “changing the rules” of the system.

Below, learn more about the organizations in our portfolio and the Allocation of Donations.

Makingeveryvotecount.com — 15%
MEVC works to bypass the electoral college by moving to a national popular vote for president. Most voters recognize the distortions caused by the electoral college system, where 11 swing states representing only 25% of the eligible voters determine the outcome of presidential elections – and distort ongoing political priorities. Changing the system does not require a Constitutional Amendment. In fact, it is already happening. States representing 60% of the needed votes have already enacted the national popular vote legislation.
FairVote.org — 15%

FairVote.org.  Fair Vote focuses on the adoption of ranked choice voting/instant runoff. Since 2103, 15 cities have passed ranked choice voting. In June, Maine became the first state to adopt RCV at the state-wide level. Research confirms that the process promotes majority support and reduces negative campaigning.  As these benefits become more widely appreciated, momentum is building toward the goal of 10 governors elected in 2020 with ranked choice voting. 

OpenPrimaries.org — 15%

OpenPrimaries.org.  Closed primaries are the biggest form of voter suppression in the country.  In 75% of elections, the outcome of the final election is determined in the first round of voting—the primary.  26 million voters, including almost half of all millennial voters, were barred from voting in the presidential primaries in 2106.  Millions more registered Democrats and Republicans were prevented from voting for the candidate of their choice.  For presidential, congressional, and state primaries, Open Primaries is moving from a fringe issue to a solid plank in a portfolio of political reforms. 

Represent.us — 15%

Represent.us is a grassroots effort that focuses on passing ‘Anti-Corruption Acts’ in all 50 states.  These are locally tailored ballot initiatives that focus on lobbyist bundling, revolving door practices and campaign funding transparency.  They currently have 500,000 members and claim 60 wins at the state and local level in the last 5 years. 


IssueOne.org — 10%

IssueOne.org is a ‘reformers caucus’ of former members of congress, cabinet officials and governors from both parties committed to increasing financial disclosure, ending lobbying conflicts of interest and conducting experiments at state and local levels to improve civic participation.

Independentvoting.org — 10%

Independvoting.org serves as a strategy, communication and organizing center to connect and empower the 40% of Americans who identify themselves as independents. This large and growing group (50% of millennials) is a natural constituency for all the identified structural reforms designed to break the two-party monopoly on our political system.

IVN.us — 10%

IVN.us. Independent Voter Network is an independent news platform and a catalyst for electoral reforms such as the California Top-2 primary system.

Campaign Legal Center.org — 5%

Campaign Legal Center.org provided legal support in the areas of redistricting,  campaign finance, ethics and voting rights.

ChangetheRule.org — 5%

Change the Rule.org. Change the Rule (singular) is devoted entirely to changing the rule for presidential debate access.  There is ample evidence that the current 15% polling hurdle (established by a private organization called the Commission on Presidential Debates) is designed to exclude qualified 3rd party candidates. 

CTR does not support any candidate, political party or policy – except changing the rules to create a broader representation, more choice and greater accountability in U. S. politics.

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