Politics is a business. Did you know that this make up has nothing to do with the constitution? “The constitution makes no mention of political parties, party primaries, ballot-access procedures and the countless other rules that drive today’s politics,” according to research from the Harvard Business School. The primary purpose of this business is to reelect incumbents while protecting the two national parties.

To the general public, this business appears broken. However, it’s thriving based on its own standards for success. Here’s why:

  • The overwhelming majority of incumbents are reelected. They are rarely punished for the collective breakdown of the system.
  • Competition is waged based on ideology. It’s based on assigning blame. And it rewards candidates for  being the lesser of two evils. While the RNC and DNC are undergoing deep ideological struggles, they continue to effectively block any outside competition.
  • Money continues to pour into this business in the form of campaign financing, lobbying dollars, and well-paying jobs for partisan consultants, think tanks, media outlets and support functions. This even includes lucrative options when they leave public service.

U.S. Politics Currently Operate by a Set of Rules

This business operates by a set of rules (and these rules can be changed).

  • Our overall goal should be to elect officials who want to solve our complex national problems. Our other goal should be to throw out incumbents who don’t solve these problems.
  • As bad as things seem now, there is hope. There is reform underway that operate largely under the radar that show we can change the system.

How We Plan to Change the Rules

Changing the rules isn’t simple. Or easy. Our mission at Change the Rules (CTR) is to manage this complexity in a non-partisan way on your behalf. We believe that smart money will increasingly recognize that:

  • At least one-third of political contributions should go to structural reform of the system (changing the rules)
  • No more than two-thirds should go toward supporting “better candidates” (of any party) constrained by what it takes to win primary and general elections under the existing rules of the business.

A single donation to CTR funds a portfolio of eight organizations actively reforming complementary aspects of the system at the state and federal levels.

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Author: Tom Curren, Founder and Manager of Change the Rules


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