Proper Role for Money

How We Can Change the Rules: Create a Proper Role for Money in Politics

Big money, while still important, more transparent and less linked to lobbying and jobs.

Enact Grassroots
Anti-Corruption Initiatives

In February 2018, the city of Chicago and all of Cook County voted to adopt a binding Anti-Corruption Act to limit the role of money in our political system. While more than 30 cities have passed these Anti-Corruption initiatives since 2014, this represents the largest population to do so. This success reflects the growing momentum of this grass roots movement.

Provisions of the Anti-Corruption Act include:
• Prohibit lobbyist contribution bundling
• Extend revolving door limitation for members of Congress and staff
• Seek to prohibit fundraising during congressional working hours
• Require full transparency on fundraising and spending
• FEC enforce the existing rules for Super Pac coordination and lobbying disclosure

Leverage the Experience of Insiders for Federal Reforms is a “ReFormers Caucus” of 194 former members of congress, cabinet officials and governors from both parties committed to increasing financial disclosure, ending lobbying conflicts of interest and conducting experiments at state and local levels to improve civic participation. As former members of Congress, the ReFormers have the experience and expertise to amplify Issue One’s ongoing political reform efforts on Capitol Hill, in the media and at home in the districts they formerly represented.

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