In case you missed any of these articles we here at Change the Rules think are important talking points in the national conversation on how we can change the rules of our political system, we’ve compiled a list of September news articles for your reading pleasure. These articles touch on how we can open up competition, make sure every vote counts and that money plays a proper role in politics.

Voters Finally Can Learn Who’s Buying All Those Attack Ads

For the first time in years, the U.S. Supreme Court acted to improve this country’s campaign finance system rather than make it worse. Ever since the court cleared the way in its disastrous Citizens United ruling for unions and corporations to spend unlimited sums on federal elections, little has been done to stop the flood of anonymous campaign cash. Read the Press Democrat article

Congress Still Can’t Pass it’s Own Sexual Harassment Bill

After a series of scandals and resignations and with the midterms approaching and the Brett Kavanaugh nomination looming, the House and Senate haven’t been able to reconcile their bills. Read the Daily Beast article

As Colorado’s Unaffiliated Voters Grow, So Do Efforts To Engage Them

Nearly 300,000 Independent Colorado voters were able to participate in primaries for the first time this year thanks to a successful campaign to open the primaries in 2016. Now efforts to better to engage these new voters are only continuing to grow! Read the KUNC article

Appeals Court Upholds Anti-Corruption, Anti-Gerrymandering Ballot Proposal

A federal appeals court ruled that a proposed anti-corruption, anti-gerrymandering ballot initiative — Amendment 1 — is good to go for the November ballot after a lower court removed it. Read the IVN article

Opening Up Pa.’s Primary Elections to More Voters Gaining Momentum

Right now, taxpayer dollars are paying for primaries in Pennsylvania, so why aren’t all taxpayers allowed to participate in primaries? Read the Penn Live article

Activist Jogs Through 3 Michigan Districts to Show Absurdity of Gerrymandering

Katie timed in at 46 seconds jogging through three legislative districts. Isn’t that absurd? Read the IVN article

How Much Longer Can the Two-Party System Hold?

The simplest explanation for why we don’t have a major third party in the U.S. is that we have an electoral system of single-winner plurality, which renders third parties as “spoilers.” Read the VOX article

Three-Quarters of the Secret Money in Recent Elections Came from 15 Groups

Just 15 groups account for three-quarters of the anonymous cash flowing into federal elections since the Supreme Court paved the way for corporate and union money in candidate races eight years ago, according to a new report provided first to USA Today. Read the article

Motor Voter Sparks Unusual Spike in ‘No Party’ Registrations at California DMV

Did you know? Nearly three in five unregistered California voters declare themselves as “no party preference” at DMV. Read the Sacramento Bee article


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Author: Tom Curren, Founder and Manager of Change the Rules



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