We already know that the midterm results were positive for structural election reforms for our political system. A recent analysis by the Election Reformers Network shows that a majority of voters in counties that Trump won in 2016 supported these reforms by more than 25 points. This is more evidence that the electorate is fed up with the partisan narrative driven by the extreme left and extreme right (which are actually only 14 percent  of the electorate in recent studies).


2018 Midterm Election Reforms

Let’s take a closer look at how structural reform initiatives performed in following six states:

Colorado. Seventy one percent of Colorado voters approve of independent redistricting. Thirty two out of the 34 counties Trump won in 2016 voted to pass the initiative.

Ohio. Independent redistricting received approval from 75 percent of Ohio voters. It passed in all 68 counties Trump won in 2016.

Michigan. Automatic voter registration, no excuse absentee voting and election day registration garnered support from 58 percent of voters in counties Trump won in 2016; passing in 47 of the 50 counties Trump won in the state during the presidential election.

In addition, 52 percent of voters in the state’s Trump Counties voted in favor for independent redistricting.

Missouri. Sixty two percent of all Missouri voters approved of redistricting, lobbying reform and campaign finance reform while 57 percent of voters in counties Trump won in 2016 voted for the reforms.

Florida. Voters passed voting rights for felons in Florida in 2018 with 38 of the 44 counties Trump won in the state in 2016 voting in favor of the initiative.

Maryland. Fifty percent of Maryland voters in counties Trump won in 2016 support election day registration.


Let’s Keep the Momentum Moving on Electoral Reform

As you can see, there is broad scale support for independent redistricting, automatic voter registration, lobbying reform and campaign finance reform, among others from both major political parties. So how do we keep the momentum going so more states pass these types of electoral reform? Check out www.changetherules.org to learn more.


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